Wood Stork Season

For the past week, there have been several reports of Wood Storks in various parts of Arkansas.  With work, I haven’t been able to chase any of these records.  On Monday, a former professor of mine found a group of them very near my place of work.  On Tuesday evening, I chased after them.

Just north of the small town of Stephens (Ouachita County, Southwest AR), on AR-57, there is a clear cut wetland.  In the past, I have seen Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, and others.  On this evening, there were 27 Wood Storks wading out in the shallow water.  Mixed among them were 16 Great Egrets, 1 Great Blue Heron, and 1 Little Blue Heron.  On the other side of the road was a handful of Killdeer and the aptly-named Solitary Sandpiper.  I watched the Storks probe around with their giant beaks for a few minutes.  Something spooked the waders and they took off, circling away into the distance.


Wood Storks

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