Great Blue Heron

When you think of feeder birds you probably don’t think of wading birds.  In our yards we only get herons/egrets that are flying over head to a source of water.  In our neighborhood we have a sluggish creek that will be visited by a Great Blue from time to time.  One of our neighbors has a sizeable goldfish pond that has had its share of visits by a Great Blue Heron.  This is the reason why this bird made the list.  Although you may not want to spend this much money to feed a Heron, a fish pond can be affective.  We’ve joked around and said if a puddle lasts long enough it will get a Great Blue Heron eventually.  If you keep a sizeable pond and stock it with fish than you will more than likely see a Great Blue Heron.

The Great Blue is found throughout U.S./Canada and is a year round resident in all areas but the northern part of the country.  In some areas they can be quite tame.  This is one of our most common birds but not a typical feeder bird.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron


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