Games/Picks for 11/1-11/5

This weekend brings in some intriguing football games at both the professional and collegiate level.  The team will go over some of them and give their picks.

We’ll start with college games:

Tulsa at Arkansas

  • DMan:  The Hogs need three more wins to become bowl eligible.  Most people write this one off to be one of those wins.  However, Tulsa has the ability to beat them isn’t looking too bad.  But I will go with the home team and say Hogs win 24-13.

12 Oklahoma at Iowa State

  • DMan:  ISU does something different than most Big 12 team.  They play defense.  They also are giant slayers at home.  With that said, Bob Stoops doesn’t lose two in a row.  I will give this game to OU with a score of 17-10.

16 Texas A&M at 15 Miss State

  • DMan:  TAMU’s quarterback missed the memo that his team wasn’t supposed to do good in the SEC.  Miss St was humbled against Bama but still plays good D.  This may turn out to be the best college game of the weekend.  I will go with Miss St: 20-14.

4 Oregon at 17 Southern Cal

  • USC played Arizona and lost last week.  Arizona has an offense that is like Oregon’s but isn’t as good.  Oregon hasn’t played any top tier teams really.  Something to watch out for is the fact that Oregon’s closest game (or one of them) was against Arkansas State.  I still pick Oregon 55-28.

24 Oklahoma St at 2 Kansas St

  • DMan; OSU obviously isn’t the same team they were last year however KSU kept several skill positions from last season and were beaten handily by Ark in the Cotton Bowl.  I think KSU is good but I don’t think they are championship caliber.  OSU will not be KSU’s biggest challenge so far but I think the true KState will be revealed soon.  With that said I think they will pull this one off because of their defense.  KSU 31 OSU 24.

1 Alabama at 5 LSU

  • DMan:  Once again, this is a much anticipated game.  Alabama is the best team in the nation.  They are better than LSU just like last year (although it took until the Championship game to see that).  However, it is in Baton Rouge and is a night game (some how LSU does exceedingly better at night).  Bama tends to let the other team stay in there in the first half and studies them.  They may let LSU get to far ahead but I doubt it.  Barring some cheating by the refs or strange illness Bama should win 38-20.

Now lets go over some NFL games (we’ll each pick two games):

DMan’s games:

KC at San Diego (Thursday night)

  • DMan:  This one is interesting because both coaches are fighting for their jobs.  Both teams have a lot of talent that is not being shown.  Both teams last year had chances of winning the division but now it looks like Denver will take that playoff berth again.  I pick San Diego to win by quite a bit 34-10.  I think that Romeo Crennel will probably be fired pretty soon and unless the Chargers have a good playoff run, I think Norv Turner is gone at the end of the season..

Miami at Indy

  • Dman:  Miami has been playing some good football at home and on the road.  Indy is playing better than last year but still has a lot of room for improvement.  Miami is 4-3 and can make a run at taking the division let alone wild card.  It is in Indy but I pick the Dolphins 20-10.

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