The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. NFL week 8ua

Well my two favorite teams (Cowboys and Chiefs) lost this week, both to bitter rivals, so this post is going to be a bit negative.


  • Atlanta beats the Eagles in convincing fashion while my premier fantasy running back LeSean Mccoy gets a considerable amount of points.  Matty Ryan went 22/29 with no INT and 3 passing touchdowns.  He also had 18 yards rushing.  I’m still not convinced that this can go 16-0 but I kind of hope they do.   No one else in their division looks ready to take them if they do start to slip so I just about guarantee playoffs for the Falcons.
  • Miami showing that they’ve got what it takes, beating the Jets mercilessly on the road.  In the year of the rookie QB Tannehill looks to be doing his part.
  • Tampa Bay gets a good win on the road against the hot Vikings.  Even though they probably won’t win the division they may still have wild card hopes.
  • Jason Witten of the Cowboys having 18 receptions for 167 yards and Miles Austin’s 9 for 133 yards.

The Bad

  • The Cowboys…….Had they have won that game then that would have been the largest margin to overcome in team history (23 point margin).  They came close and the did good to get back in the game and have a lead for a second.  It was a heartbreaking loss and it may not be good news next week against Atlanta.
  • Cleveland vs. San Diego- “Whew, that was a close one,” says Browns fans after beating the Chargers 7-6 at home.  What a terrible game to watch unless you’re into a defensive battle, which I am not.
  • The Chiefs keep losing.  I didn’t watch this one but it looked as though the Raiders had this one from the beginning at Arrowhead.
  • The Jets looked pretty rough as they do most games this season.  Mark Sanchez (like Tony Romo) shows signs of brilliance every now and then but then he’ll act like a high school quarterback.  These in-game inconsistencies are troubling and can cost points (I’m not giving the blame of a lost game to just Sanchez because his supporting cast is sub-par at best).  I don’t suggest a quarterback change but I would like to see more of Tebow.

The Ugly

  • The Chargers.  I don’t care much for the Chargers so this is easy for me.  Wow.  Really?  Cleveland?  I know it was in Cleveland but seriously, you just gave them their second win in as many seasons (exaggeration, I know).  Now I believe that Cleveland’s got some talent that hasn’t had its chance to shine but San Diego has a lot more talent that typically shines.
  • Pittsburgh’s uniforms.  I used to like the Steelers until I saw them Sunday (of course I still like them).  I’m glad they won but I honestly hope they never wear that again.  Throwback jerseys are cool for teams like Tampa Bay or New England.  Pittsburgh has even used different throwback jersey’s that looked decent.
  • Arizona.  They start 4-0 and lose 4 straight.  The NFC West is not an attractive division.  They lose Monday night in Arizona fashion.  Their secondary couldn’t shut down a high school team.



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