Lake Saracen 10/27/12

by SH

On Saturday we went to Lake Saracen in Pine Bluff.  We got there at around 8:30 am.  It was sunny but fairly cold (in the 40s) and very windy.  We started on the trail and saw several water birds out on the lake and many sparrows on the banks and in the woods on the other side of the trail.  There were several Double-crested Cormorants and White Pelicans out on the lake.  A couple Ring-billed Gulls and a First of the Season (FOS) Bonaparte’s Gull was seen.  On the banks and in the reedy part of the lake there were several sparrows including:  White-crowned (FOS), Swamp (FOS), Song, Field (tons of Field Sparrows), Chipping, and several Juncos.  A Northern Flicker and a couple Eastern Meadowlarks flew around this area.  There were a few unidentified swallows overhead as well.  We came upon a marshy area and saw several more sparrows and added the White-throated along with Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.  We approached the woodland part and went off the trail and sat among the willow woodlands.  There we waited and were rewarded with several woodland birds:  Hermit Thrush, Winter Wren (FOS), Brown Creeper (FOS), Fox Sparrow (FOS), Carolina Wren, Cedar Waxwing (FOS), and a surprising Hairy Woodpecker.  At the end of the outing we had 43 species with a few being out of the ordinary but no lifers.


by SH

by SH

by SH


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